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4 RAR/NZ 1968 TOUR : Road runners and Nui dat

Photos from Alan Woods tracker platoon.

Road-Runners on Rte 2
hurry up and go nowhere
Road through Ba Ria.
Road Runner
Road Runners-Pte.N. McDonald (4RAR Tracker Plt)
90mm mounted on Landrover
Road Runner duty on Rte 2
Kids after rations
Hwy 2 from Vung Tau.
Highway 2 out of Vung Tau
French-era fortifications.
Old French Fort
Road-Runners-Cpl. A. Lennox relaxing
Cpl Lennox resting waiting for Convoy
4RAR Battalion HQ.
4RAR Battalion 'lockup'.
4 RAR Boob (lock up)
4RAR 'House of God'.
House of God
4RAR HQ-morning flag-raising.
Flag Raising BHQ
4RAR lines in the 'big wet'.
Wet Season
7-Dog-handler 'Slim' Symington with an M79.
Dog Handler Slim Symington with M79
7-Davy Coxhead, Rob Smith, Alex Lennox. - Copy
Davy Coxhead,Rob Smith,Alex Lennox
7-Bob Smith, Davy Coxhead -(see attachment)
Bob Smith Davy Coxhead
7-Alex Lennox,-(see attachment)
Resupplying before Operation
Getting Radio Batteries etc.

1-A final briefing.

7-Gunner 'Grumpy' Goodfellow.
Grumpy Goodfellow
7-Gunner Jim Cawston.
Jim Cawston
7-'Jock' McDonald (hatless) with Chester Warren.
Jock McDonald
7-'Jock' McDonald checking his kit.
Jock checking Gear
7-Pte. Davy Coxhead.
Davy Coxhead
9-Chester Warren, all ready to go.
Chester Warren
8-Sgt. Villalba & LCpl.-(see attachment)
Sgt Villalba
7-Sgt. Villalba delivers an M60
Sgt Villalba delivering M60
7-Pte. Mick Rynne
Mick Rynne
7-Pte. Mick Rynne.
Mick Rynne